• Help: Pocket Wifi Explained

    Did you know you can now enjoy WiFi internet access even if you are not in a WiFi hotspot? Sound feasible to you? Here we introduce you to 'pocket WiFi'! Never heard of pocket WiFi UK plans, these are the next generation of mobile broadband. These are similar to the WiFi device you most likely have at home/office. The difference, however, is that a pocket WiFi UK is much smaller. As the name suggests, it is portable and can be carried anywhere you go. As long as it has batteries, you can go online via the WiFi hotspot that your pocket WiFi router gives off. There are several carriers today that offer great pocket WiFi router plans. Just like home broadband deals, you can pick a pay monthly plan for your mobile WiFi contract. Typically, a pay monthly deal will last 12-24 months. There are also mobile WiFi deals today that are on pay as you go terms. If you prefer these, you simply purchase the WiFi router and then top it up according to the data that you need. read more →

Pocket Wifi

  • Wireless Pointer
    T Mobile
    Always Browse & Email
    Free Wireless Pointer
    Just £10
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    From £10

  • 3 POcket Wifi
    Free Mifi Device
    Only £18.99
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    From £18.99

  • Orange Wifi
    30 Day Pocket Wifi
    Upfront Cost
    Only £10
    view deals

    From £10

  • 3 Mobile Mifi
    Free Mifi Router
    18 Month Term
    Only £10.87
    view deals

    From £10.87

  • 18 Month Pocket Wifi
    Free Wifi Device
    Only £15
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    From £15

  • 18 Month Term
    3 Pocket Wifi
    1GB Data
    Free Mifi
    Just £15.99
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    From £15.99

  • Pay As You Go
    T Mobile Wifi
    Daily/Weekly Or
    Monthly Data Plans
    Pointer £59
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    From £2

  • PAYG Wifi
    3 Mifi
    3GB Preloaded
    Valid for 3 Months
    Just £84.99
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    From £84.99

Pocket Wifi Help

Pocket Wifi is available on all the top networks with contract plans and pay as you go options available. The pocket wifi device is small enough to slip into your pocket or bag.

  • Contract Pocket Wifi

    If you want to keep your costs to a minimum with no upfront costs then opting for contract pocket wifi is your best option. All the top networks are now offering contract options within their pocket wifi plans with deals starting from as little as £9 per month.

  • PAYG Pocket Wifi Router

    All the top networks realise the importance of offering the pay as you go plans on the pocket wifi router as not everyone wants to sign up for a lengthy contract. The only downfall to the pay as you go pocket wifi router is that you have to pay an unpfront fee for the device. Prices range from £59.99-£81.99 depending on which network you choose. All you have to do is top it up as you would with a payg phone.

  • Preloaded Pocket Wifi

    There is also the option to purchase a preloaded pocket wifi device which is more or less the same as the the pay as you go option only the pocket wifi router comes already preloaded with data allowance. You will have to pay an upfront fee for the pocket wifi and the data allowance that comes preloaded is usually valid for a period of 30 days. When the data allowance runs out on your pocket wifi router you simply just top it up.

  • T Mobile Pocket Wifi

    T Mobile offer some great deals on their pocket wifi router. You can have the option to sign up for a contract plan with unlimited usage for only £10 per month over a 24 month period. There is also a pay as you go option where you pay an upfront fee of £59.99 for the device plus a £10 top up and you can choose a plan to suit you. Pay per day at £2, pay per week at £7 or pay monthly for £15 the choice is yours.

  • Vodafone Pocket Wifi

    If Vodafone is your preferred network then take a look at their mobile wifi deals for the pocket wifi device. There is only one option for Vodafone pocket wifi which comes on a 30 day plan with an upfront cost of £49 with a 2Gb data allowance at a cost of £15 per month.

  • Orange Pocket Wifi

    Orange offer some great pocket wifi uk plans for you to choose from and if your already an Orange customer you will have a wider range of plans to choose from at discounted prices. If you opt for a one month plan then you will have an upfront fee of £89 for the pocket wifi router and monthly prices range from only £5. If you choose the 12 month plans the pocket wifi device will set you back £49_£59 and deals range from £10 per month - £20.

  • 3 Pocket Wifi

    The 3 network offer the best range in pocket wifi plans. Contract plans range from £9.91-£18.03 for 1GB-15GB of data allowance with no upfront fees. 1 month, 18 or 24 month terms are available. The pay as you go pocket wifi router comes in 2 different plans and both come preloaded with data allowance. Opting for the 3GB device will set you back £71.99 and the data allowance is valid for 3 months or you can opt for the 12GB pocket wifi UK for only £122.99 and the 12GB data is valid for 12 months. The choice is entirely up to you. 3 call their pocket wifi "Mifi".

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