• Help: 3 Tablet Sim Explained

    3 offers only one type of tablet today but we are sure that you will be happy with your plan choices. You can choose a 3 tablet sim or a monthly data plan. Whether you are on a budget or you don't care about your monthly tariff, there is a 3 tablet plan for you. Continue reading to know more about them. If you already have the device, what you need is a 3 tablet sim. You have 4 types of deals to choose from. Two have rolling monthly deals while the other two come with pay as you go term. Your payg 3 tablet sim can either have a 1 month or 3 month validity. read more →

3 Tablet Sim Card

  • Micro Sim
    Tablet Sim
    1GB Data
    30 Day Plan
    Just £7.50
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    From £7.50

  • iPad Sim
    3 Tablet Sim
    30 Day Term
    Only £15
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    From £15

  • PAYG Sim
    iPad Pay & Go
    Valid for 30 Days
    Only £10.49
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    From £10.49

  • Microsim Card
    Pay & Go
    Valid 3 Months
    Only £20.49
    view deals

    From £20.49

  • iPad Micro Sim
    12GB Data
    Valid 12 Months
    Only £70.49
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    From £70.49

  • iPhone Micro Sim
    Unlimited Data
    2000 Mins
    5000 Texts
    Just £25
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    From £25

  • 30 Day Microsim
    iPhone Micro Sim
    300 Mins & 1000mb
    3000 Texts
    Only £12
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    From £12

  • iPhone 4 Sim
    Unlimited Data
    300 Mins
    3000 Texts
    Just £15
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    From £15

Micro Sim Card Help

This section will give you information on the 3 Tablet Sim plans. Pay as you go or contract plan are available.

  • 1GB 3 Tablet Sim

    For a 30 day term you can have access to 1GB of data allowance for only £7.50 per month. Slip the tablet sim into your iPad and you have instant internet access!

  • 10GB Tablet Sim

    If you need ample internet access check out the 10GB 3 Data plan which is perfect for your Apple iPad. For a period of 30 days you have a data allowance of 10GB for only £.15, no lengthy contract, change your mind after 30 days!

  • PAYG 3 Tablet Sim

    You have the added bonus of 2 pay as you go tablet plans on 3. You can choose from the 1GB plan which costs £10.49 or you can choose the 3GB plan which costs £20.99.

  • 1GB 30 Day 3 Tablet Sim

    For only £10.49 you can have access to 1GB of data for a 30 day period. This is known as the pay as you go 3 tablet sim plan.

  • 3GB 3 Tablet Plan

    If you fancy the 3GB 3 tablet plan on 3 you have an allowance of 3GB which has a validty of 3 months and the cost is £20.99.

  • 3 Tablet Plan With iPad

    But if you have yet to get a tablet computer, a 3 data plan that comes with an iPad is what you need. You can get a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB model for your 3 tablet plan. Your choices when it comes to tariffs are £15 and £20. A 15 pound 3 tablet plan comes with 10GB of web browsing credits. If you choose the more expensive plan, you will enjoy 15GB of data allowance every month. The cheaper deal, however, has a rolling monthly term while the 20 pound 3 data plan comes with a 24 month contract. Take note, however, that you will still pay a fee for the device if you go for one of these pay monthly plans. We suggest that you choose a 24 month plan so that the fee that you will pay for the device will not be that hard on your pockets.

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